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Create a music slideshow : Michael Jantz and the Davenports

October 20, 2009

In order to learn about sound the best source of information would be a musician.    Jim Donohue of Michael Jantz & the Davenports shared his knowledge on recording music live and in the studio one night at Sully’s in Washington, DC.    The funky bar has a great atmosphere but the lighting creates a cavernous feeling and brings back memories of Cole Field House in the 90’s.  I shot the images with my Nikon D3 mostly at shot at 2500 at 1.8 to capture at available light.     My live recording of Mr MoonBeam could not compare to the professional recorded CD by Jim, so you will hear the recording from “Live at Jim’s”  on the video slide show.     I enjoyed using the technique of the slideshow to create a visual experience of the music; moving the picture, picking up the pace of the slideshow or slowing it down.  I hope you enjoy the song.

Thank you Jim and Michael.    They are playing having at a Halloween party at The Pour House in Capital Hill for Halloween hosted by the infamous party man – Paxton.   Come out and enjoy the music!

Here is the link to the video:

multimedia music video: Michael Jantz & The Davenports

Press the multimedia tab, then Michael Jantz & The Davenport’s

**For Vista Users you must treat this like a pop up and press the control key when opening the file.    This works on all other current browsers, the new operating system please come out soon.

For more information on the band:

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