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DC Fotoweek, NightVisions

November 11, 2009
The Fight Club

The Fight Club, David Alan Harvey Presents, by Lisa Helfert

Last Saturday night DC fotoweek organized a city-wide evening photo shoot.  The work was edited and printed that evening at photo central.   Although I was not able to make it to photo central (a 8:00am Sunday morning shoot)  I shot some images of the David Allan Harvey exhibit at the Fight Club.    The show and the venue are compelling and well worth seeing.   David Allan Harvey’s impressive works hang unframed next to an indoor skateboard park.   The understated but energetic atmosphere makes the work only more compelling, drawing you closer into his world.   Upstairs is Chris Bickford’s work “After the Storm” a beautiful body of work on the surfing life.  The sepia toned prints really have the rich look of film and slow the pace down so you can enjoy Chris’s poetic surfing images.

David Alan Harvey Presents

David Alan Harvey Presents, by Lisa Helfert

Chris Bickford, "After the Storm"

Chris Bickford, "After the Storm", by Lisa Helfert

There is more to see this week at DC Fotoweek.  The lectures, workshops and exhibits continue through Sunday.  Many of the exhibits continue into December.

Fotoweek info

David Alan Harvey Presents

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