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Wedding photography

December 14, 2009

the informal portrait

Pre-wedding family portrait photo by Lisa Helfert

I really like this image.  Natural light. candid moment. beautiful. I worked with my wonderful colleague Jana Curcio for seven years photographing weddings part time as I built up the rest of my photography business. In 2000 Jana and I were both leaving the world of photojournalism.  Jana left the Detroit Free Press.  I left the Associated Press and a contract position photographing sports teams at the University of Maryland.  She started her wedding photography business to allow photojournalists to transition into photographing weddings.   She sold the idea of photojournalism to brides and sung our praises.  We all got a lot of work, but after 4 or 5 years the brides no longer wanted photojournalism.  They wanted us to create photojournalistic moments.   I felt less of an observer and more of a director and producer.   Sometimes I enjoyed the process and created some interesting images, but I really prefer the candid moments. This image was taken last month at a wedding before the ceremony.   I have infrequently photographed weddings over the past two years because I struggled with how to approach the current wedding photography market.     I doubt I will ever photograph more than 4 or 5 weddings in a year, but now I have a style I can enjoy and share with my clients. my wedding portfolio

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  1. December 14, 2009 7:05 pm

    I believe you captured such a special moment with perfection. Kudos to you!

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