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Finding value in Social media

December 20, 2009

What is the value of social media?  Facebook, Twitter, blogs?   In the midst of change an accurate answer is hard to determine, but I am finding value.

Saturday as I watched the snowfall and lamented canceling my scheduled retreat to MA, I found myself thoroughly captivated by Facebook.   Some of the posts were by professional photographers, writers, or creatives and the other half talented friends. This snapshot into everyone’s life that day in some ways made the experience better than watching a newscast.   Individuals whom I know sharing what they thought was beautiful, noteworthy or odd about the storm is just something I would not see in the news.


Links to photographers and others sites are below the gallery.

Photographers websites:

Adam Auel

Irene Owsley

Edwin Remsberg

Mike Morgan

Hannele Lahti

Woody Woodroff

Allison Shelley

H Darr Beiser is a staff photographer with USA today

Friends and Family:

Tricia McCauley – herbalist & nutrition counselor

Dan Patrell, publisher Maryland Life Magazine

Ilana Bittner, pixelworkshop

Karen Sander Helfert, photographer, editor, teacher and my mom

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