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Into the millenium

March 12, 2010

Into the New Millennium

Embracing the new : technology and the new generation

I am wrapping up my time at the North Short Course in New Jersey today.   Video, Multimedia, Audio…. oh my.   There is so much to learn and so many opportunities that most of us are excited but also little intimated and overwhelmed.  I am enjoying the new challenges, but how do you stay grounded?

David Burnett spoke last night and said that when he feels lost he looks at his favorite photographer from 1920 to inspire him to create exceptional photography in the present.     We worry about the present so much that we forget about the simple thing of wanting to take good photographs.  I am going to find a classic photographer to study and re-study.

Last weekend I was in one of those lost places while photographing a dance when a couple asked me to take their photo wearing funky glasses.   I added the funky lighting and created a photo that I like.  The media takes a lot of pot shots at the new “y” or “Millennium” generation.  They really scare people because they can text faster than us, use twitter while studying and generally are outgoing and social.    Sometimes embracing the future generations can be as grounding as finding strength in the past.

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