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Spring along the Capital Crescent Trail

April 6, 2010

The first signs of spring

For one year starting in the winter of 2009 I documented  the Capital Crescent Trail.    Spring was my favorite time.  Not so much because of the photographs I created but because every new bit of green was exciting after winter.

I will continue to show some of the images over this next year.   The documentation of the Capital Crescent trail had two parts.  The first body of images were created to show the beauty of the trail through the seasons.  The images posted today are from this body of work.

The second body of images considers the debate surrounding the building of the purple line.   I photographed the portion of the trail between Bethesda and the railroad bridge to show the area that will be drastically altered if the purple line is built.   The trees along the trail will be cut, backyards partially eliminated and sound walls will be built.     The public debate has become polarized between smart growth advocates and locals.   The second body of images will attempt to look at both sides of the issue without bias with the intent to create a fruitful dialogue.

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