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Amman, Ar Rishah, Aqaba

August 26, 2010

Post 2 of 3 on Jordan Travels

Boys at truck stop in Ar Rishah, Jordan copyright 2010 Lisa Helfert

Remnants of the ancient ways mix into the modern Jordan culture.   A Bedouin may get around town on a donkey, but most bedouin also own a cell phone.

The Bir Madhkur project camped in Ar Rishah, a sleepy Bedouin village in the Wadi Araba.  The estimated population of the Wadi Araba, which stretches a hundred miles from the Dead Sea to Aqaba, is 6700 people.    More goats than people probably live in this vast desert area.  The local Bedouin farm, raise goats and cater to the truckers who stop for supplies on their way to Aqaba.

The slide show will take you where I traveled and stayed during my visit.  First, a day in the capital Amman, next where we stayed in Ar Rishah and last in Aqaba where we shopped and relaxed.

To look at the slide show press on the photo or

Amman, Ar Rashah, Aqaba

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