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Taking a break

February 9, 2011


Vacations are a great opportunity to restore your creative juices.   During my trip to Tulum, Mexico I did not try to capture everything I saw in order to tell a story.  I just photographed what I found interesting.   I played with converting images to black and white.  I photographed the tourists instead of the sites.  I ignored any effort to try to hard because this is sometimes the best way to learn.

who I have posted my favorite images to the blog and created a slideshow of favorite images from Mexico.   I found a lot of irony in the woman young posing seductively in front of the sacred cenote that 1600 years ago the Mayans possibly threw virgins alive into with hopes of encouraging rainfall.   I enjoyed playing with tone by converting the temple at Cabo into a black and white image.   I loved the little girl silently playing with her doll behind a big truck while her brothers are fishing.  I could not resist taking one photograph of the ocean which I will miss while living in DC.

To see the entire slideshow press here.

I stayed at the Smiling Iguana off the grid at an eco-home.  We had a private beach, friendly neighbors and the best hide-away in the Sian Kaan biosphere. Check it out: The Smiling Iguana

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  1. February 9, 2011 3:15 pm

    I love the pic of the little girl giving her a doll a bottle! Very cool pics, as always.

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