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Eating on the job, soft shell crab sandwiches

August 14, 2012

Sometimes I get lucky as a photographer, really lucky.   My assignment is a lot of work, but I enjoy the shoot and the layout of the images in the magazine turns out beautiful.    But this assignment came with another bit of fortune, it was tasty.  Thank you Maryland Life!

I usually do not eat the food I photograph.  I usually do not eat fried food.  But after sinking my teeth into the first soft shell crab sandwich I could not stop.  I had to taste  each fried delight that I photographed.  First the fantastic fancy sandwich at Shirley’s in Baltimore,  next the traditional sandwich with fries at O’Donnell’s in Gaithersburg and last the california-like sandwich with avocado and green tomatoes at Nick’s Airport Inn in Hagerstown.    I highly suggest a food road trip.

In terms of photography,  making fried food look yummy is very different from eating fried food.  Especially something with eyes and legs.  But I found the patience was worth the knowledge I gained along with the weight around my tummy.

Check out the full story by Shirley Grace on the web : softshell crab story 

Or pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble or any store to enjoy the hard copy and a chance to view the beautiful layout created by Maryland Life’s art director Marie Boshoff.

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