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Remembering what is important

January 7, 2013
House Women's Democratic Caucas on the steps of the Capitol on the opening day of Congress

House Women’s Democratic Caucus standing on the steps of the Capitol during the opening day of Congress. Lisa Helfert

Women’s Democratic Caucus Photo 

When I attended Women’s Democratic Caucus photo-op on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, I never thought events surrounding the gathering would make national news.   For me, this was just a typical photo-op.   On Thursday, the altering of the official photo of the House Democratic Women by “photoshopping” in four missing members, was the most read article on-line in the Washington Post.  Papers from Maine to Nevada wrote stories.  Photo District News even wrote an article today.

My memory of the real moment is something I enjoyed.   I am guessing this is why Nancy Pelosi set aside the time for the photograph.   For all the time I spend around politics and photographs set-up to embellish the ego, I must admit that my mind wandered to a place of respect for the moment as I stood in front of the Capitol.   The country has come a long way to elect into office this many women coming from so many different backgrounds.

I am sharing this less than perfect image I took during the set-up time.  The image shows the women just as they were then, a few missing, some not paying attention, several joyful, most of them shivering, some proud and I am sure a few wishing they could check their cell phones.    The photo is less than perfect, but I still think the moment is special.

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