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Stephanie Rosen Executive Director of NAMI and Sources of Strength

October 6, 2015

I photographed Stephanie Rosen, executive director of NAMI Montgomery County last Spring for a Bethesda Magazine article.  I was impressed by her, her story and her dedication to help others.  NAMI MC’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those impacted by mental illness in Montgomery County.

I photographed her during one of the Sources of Strength trainings at a local high school.   Stephanie, her staff and the Sources of Strength staff worked so well to connect with the students and share knowledge about coping with emotional challenges and helping others through the process.

Stephanie Rosen

Stephanie Rosen


Stephanie with her husband Jared and dog Louie in Rock Creek Park..


Stephanie at the Sources of Strength training in the Spring of 2015

Here is how NAMI Montgomery County describes Sources of Strength on their website:

Sources of Strength takes an innovative, upstream approach to prevention by focusing on strengths, resiliency and connectedness rather than risk factors, warning signs and stories of trauma.

Sources of Strength utilizes the power of peer social networks to spread health and hope throughout whole communities. The effectiveness of the program goes beyond suicide prevention. Research on the program has shown an impact on school environment, peer group norms and individual factors that are protective against a range of problems including: bullying, substance abuse, mental health, and violence. The principles of Sources of Strength are adaptable into a variety of populations and cultures. Successful implementation has included: universities, juvenile justice, LGBTQ, drop-in centers, cultural centers, Latino groups, native/tribal groups and more.

To read more about Stephanie’s journey to becoming NAMI executive direction clink on  Bethesda Magazine article

To learn more about Nami

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