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Photographers or me at a Photo Booth – an awkward moment.

July 14, 2016
Photo Booth moments
Photo Booth moment. Before and after meeting up with cool ladies.

Photographers do not make the best subjects of photographs. I hope this post makes all my clients and future clients feel a bit better.  I feel just as strange in front of a camera as you do at times. This is before and after meeting a bunch of cool ladies.

I need to thank the U of Maryland’s alumni association for hosting a great happy hour for vendor at the Riggs Alumni Center. I think we all enjoyed being served for one night. Thank you!

To see my portfolio:

Intersection of Science and Art – Heart of Harvey

April 6, 2016

Photographing the Heart of Harvey series of 10 minutes plays created, produced and acted by Georgetown doctors, staff and students really impressed me.   The voices of the medical community were unique with a fresh understanding of medical care  and empathy for patients and doctors.   I hope this play series continues.  Very Cool Stuff.   This Video created my Georgetown shows bits of the play as well as some of the photographs I took during the show.

Top Teachers

March 31, 2016

Last year I had the opportunity to photograph Bethesda’s Top Teachers for Bethesda Magazine.  What an amazing group of people!  Creative, Smart, Giving and Talented.

Top Teachers



One college application to remember

March 11, 2016

Ben wrote an essay about dealing with grief through music for his college application.  The compelling essay was featured in Bethesda Magazine.  A truly wonderful read.


Theater to counteract stress

March 3, 2016

Theater people make your life fun!  Together we created this group portrait to promote the Unruly Theater Project. They create plays to foster creativity, counteract stress and enrich young audiences. Cool stuff!


Next door

February 24, 2016

I have been photographing the changes happened next door the past few months.   Today they took down the building closest to my condo.  Watching the machines work is wild.


Rescuing baby bunnies

February 18, 2016

DSC_1316webI photographed this while following around an animal control officer for Bethesda Magazine.   The best part of the day was rescuing the baby bunnies that had fallen into a window well.

#Nature photography Challenge

February 17, 2016

When my friend asked me to do the nature photography challenge I did not know the process would be so rewarding and fun!   Looking through my nature photos allowed me to remember and appreciate moments I treasure.

Here are all of the #Naturephotographychallenge photos in one post.  I hope everyone joins in with the challenge.  It really reminds you of the beauty of nature!




Sheep wintering in Dargan, MD


Spring along the Capital Crescent Trail.


One tree along the Capital Crescent Trail.


A view from the caravan station in Bir Madhkur, Jordan.


Tulum, Mexico


Baby Goat! This goat made me start photographing goats for many years.





Thank you Veterinarians!

February 11, 2016

I found this image from a shoot for CVCA Cardiac Care Vets. I really love the photo shoots I do for Veterinarians. I truly admire the work they do.

Thank you for the work you do.

CVCA Rockville

CVCA Rockville

#Naturephotographychallenge Day 5

February 5, 2016

Today I am posting an image from the caravan site excavation for the Bir Madhur Project in Jordan. The mountain lit up as the sun rose which was a pleasant view that made waking up a 4:30 am rewarding.DSC_8958-Panoramafinalbloig

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